Saturday, 22 October 2011

Be inspired by this group of Schoolkids from WA - Sew for Charity Drive Update #3

My third update on the Sew for Charity Drive by the 'The Sewing Library Group'. I believe the drive has ended on the 1st of October and the dresses might be on their way to Dress A Girl Australia.

I'd like to make a very special mention of a group of school kids from the Bridgetown High School of Western Australia who made possible a contribution of 18 dresses to the Charity Drive under the teaching, instruction and guidance of a very patient lady, I must say, in Victoria Meyer who is a member of the 'The Sewing Library Group'. Of the experience of making the dresses with all the students in this picture, she said that 'the great thing is that some of them don't even do Textiles - they just wanted to come and help. It was awesome!!'

From Dress A Girl Australia to all the school kids and to Victoria, my heartfelt thank you for your contribution to the Charity drive and to the Dress A Girl Around the world campaign. What you did is such an inspiration to everyone and I hope it will inspire anyone who gets the chance to read this article. I hope what you and the school kids have accomplished will become a precedence to all other school kids around the world, inspire each and everyone of us to make a difference in this dress at a make this world a better each and everyone of us including the less fortunate little girls in all corners of the globe deserves to own at least one dress. You ought to be proud of what you and the school kids have accomplished. The dresses you made will make a perfect Christmas presents to 18 little girls around the world, put  a big smile on each of their little faces this Christmas!

Thank you to 'The Sewing Library Group' for initiating the drive and to everyone who made a contribution, thank you from Dress A Girl Australia.

** The Sewing Library is a facebook group created with the hope of a community coming together to share their sewing know-how including great tutorials, tips, hints and advices. For those ladies out there who wants to know more and perhaps would like to join the group, click here or copy and paste the URL below in your browser -.

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