More than a mile w/Thongs

Spreading a very positive spirit about Christmas this year 2013 with Dress A Girl Australia's Christmas Charity Drive #1 - "More than a mile with thongs" and I hope a lot of you would catch the spirit.

When temperature is starting to reach 30, the heat is on. And the heat to wear thongs when you are walking….hopping….jumping and/or running around... is on!

 2-Nov-2013 - More than a Mile #15 - 15 pairs from Kaylee and Kate
25-Oct-2013 - More than a Mile #14 - 10 pairs from Margie
21-Oct-2013 - More than a Mile #13 - 5 pairs from Candace
                  - More than a Mile #12 - 10 pairs from Dress A Girl Australia
16-Oct-2013 - More than a Mile #11 - 2 pairs from Sue-Ellen
11-Oct-2013 - More than a Mile #10 - 7 pairs from Gaylene
                  - More than a Mile #8 and #9 - from the dynamic duo Betty Barrett and Betty 
                  - More than a Mile #7 - 6 pairs from Mo
                  - More than a Mile #6 - From Cassandra
                  - More than a Mile #5 - Another 5 pairs from Agnes
 9-Oct-2013 - More than a Mile #4 - From Agnes and friend Candy
  5-Oct-2013 - More than a Mile #3 - A dozen pairs from Jenny and Joan
                  - More than a Mile #2 - 7 pairs from Jo and Yetman
30-Sep-2013 - More than a Mile #1 - Dress A Girl Australia

100 thongs will make the children of Wilcannia enjoy more walking, more hopping, more jumping and more running around for more than a mile . The best and most appropriate gift to give to 100 of those children most especially when the heat is on. Starting today, thongs in any size between 5 and 14 until the 10th of November 2013.

If you have not started yet, make 2013 the year of living making a difference. Spread good cheer and the holiday spirit not only to your family and friends but to the whole world and celebrate Christmas in the most wonderful way possible.

For any thongs donation, please send them to 

Dress A Girl Australia
P.O. Box 240
Casula Mall Casula
NSW 2170

Start Date : 1-Oct-2013
End Date : 10-Nov-2013

That is 40 'heat' days for everyone to help raise 100 thongs for the children of Wilcannia NSW.

For more details, please send an email to 

Thanks a whole lot everyone!

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