T-Shirt Charity Drive

The second charity drive for Dress A Girl (Around the World) Australia. "T-shirts for Abim" for the schoolchildren of Abim Uganda.

"T-shirts for Abim" charity drive is now officially closed. Thank you so much to everyone who made this drive a big success. Thank you. Much appreciated.
Thank you to the following donors who made this drive so much a success.
1) Karen Hislop
2) Mo O'Brien
3) Monika Osvald
4) Lyn Crossley (Ladies of Kapunda Sewing Group)
5) Di Beckett
6) Toni Kirkpatrick
7) Karin Maltby
8) Sharyn and Betty Paull
9) Heyboom
10) Linda Smyth
11) Cassandra, Olivia and Angelica Rowland. 


“T-shirts for the boys of Abim” charity drive has been launched yesterday July 21 and will run until the 25th of August.
A total of 178 t-shirts are needed in varying sizes below – If you are donating, will appreciate it much if you could send me an email (dressagirlaustralia@gmail.com) or send me a message in my facebook page advising me of the size(s) and quantity so I will have an idea as to where we stand in the tally. 

                                            Size 6 – 64 t-shirts
                                   Size 8 – 34 t-shirts
                                   Size 10 – 42 t-shirts
                                   Size 12 - 30 t-shirts
                                   Size 14 – 8 t-shirts
This particular drive will be running for 35 days only due to the time it takes for parcels to get to Uganda (12 weeks). All parcels for Abim needs to be out of Australia by the 5th of September. Once the parcels arrive, they still need to be handcarried and delivered to Abim (Northern Uganda). It would be great if all the 350 children will receive their new clothing on the same day so please be guided with the shipping dates below if you are intending to donate t-shirts. T-shirts most likely will be included in either of the last 2 parcels to be sent as I will try to squeeze as many dresses as I can on the first parcel.
                                     Parcel 1 - Saturday, Aug 10
                              Parcel 2 - Saturday, Aug 24
                              Parcel 3 - Saturday, Sep 5 (or earlier if number of T-shirts needed 
                                                                        are met)
All t-shirt donations will be welcomed with open arms. Please help spread the word!! Imagine how one t-shirt can make a lot of difference to one boy in Abim. Let us make a difference to the way they celebrate Christmas this year. Let us all make them smile this Christmas. 
Thank you so much in advance to all who have donated and to those who are intending to donate, for all your kindness and generosity. Thank you for helping make a difference in the lives of these 350 children most especially to the 178 boys who will get to receive new t-shirts as well. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Much appreciated.

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