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Accepting Dress Donations :

I am currently accepting dress donations for girls between the sizes of 8-12 only. Please do not send dresses that are not between 8-12 as I have no space to keep them on hold.

If you want to donate, please make sure you have read the guidelines. click on the link below to request for postal address.
                                                Request for Postal Details

Thank you.


Accepting Donations of School Supplies for Dress A Girl Australia's 'Education without Borders' Ongoing Project

The 'Education without Borders' project is still ongoing and still accepting donations of school supplies. Notebooks, paper, pencils, pens, erasers, rulers, handmade tote bags. sharpeners, pencil cases for disadvantaged kids. To make a donation, please send an email by clicking on the "send email for postal details" button below. Dress A Girl Australia supports education for every little girl around the world. Thank you. 

There are no active dress collections at this time. Any updates regarding future dress distributions will be posted on this blog or in my facebook page.




No 2020-2022 active projects or dress collections at this time.



No 2018 active project collection at this time.



All projects for 2017 are officially closed



1) Project : Fund-raising Drive Sale for the new year 2018

The fundraising drive sale is going on until the end of the year 2017 (31-Dec-2017) to raise funds to help pay for the cost of distributing dresses to the needy in handpicked locations around the world. Click on the articles below which were posted in my blog to know more details and information on the fundraising including the handmade Christmas items that are for sale. A new batch of handmade items will be made available early next year for the period Jan-Mar 2018 to raise more funds. Please note that Dress A Girl Australia is a self-funded charity work with no sponsors so am finding ways to raise funds to help me sustain this charity work. If this work is sustained financially, then those ladies wishing to sew dresses can keep on donating. Thank you.

a) Dress A Girl Aus Christmas Cards  (Posted 3-Dec-2017)

b) Handmade Christmas stockings for sale (Posted 4-Dec-2017)

c) Another fundraising item - Santa Hat and Candy Cane Christmas Brads for your cardmaking needs this Christmas (Posted 5-Dec-2017)

d) More handmade christmas stockings to help the needy (Posted 7-Dec-2017)

2) Dress Sponsorship Program for CNCF's Clean Water Tanks for Clean Water in Vietnam program

Proceeds from the Dress Sponsorship Program will be donated to the Christina Noble Children's Foundation (Australia) until the end of the year 2017 (31-Dec-2017) to help raise money for their Clean Water Tank Project in Vietnam. Tax receipts will be issued under the donor's name with the sponsored dress amount as the donation amount to the project. For more information about this fundraising drive, click on the article below which was posted in my blog on 14th of August, 2017.

Dress Sponsorship Program for CNCF's Clean Water Tanks for Clean Water in Vietnam program

3) Project : Quilts for the Elderly is still going on. This project was officially opened in October 2016.

If you have any quilts to be donate, please send me an email at for details of postal address. Thank you.

New Project : Quilts for the Elderly (Posted in my blog 13-October-2016)

Project: Quilts for the elderly. 
Today I am opening a new project for the elderly. I am hoping to collect and raise 50 new quilts to be given to elderlies staying at retirement homes who cannot afford to provide blankets. This project will remain open until I have collected the 50 quilts. Anyone who wants to donate a quilt, please send a message to for postal details.



Project : Dresses for the 2017 Christmas Collection

This project is now closed.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Final Cut-off Date of Dresses - Nov 30, 2017
Just a friendly reminder for those who are still intending to donate dresses for the 2017 Christmas collection, the final cut-off date is this coming Thursday, 30th of November 2017. 

All dresses must be posted on or before  this date. For postal address, please send me an email and.or message from my facebook page. Thank you.



No active project collection at this time.



Officially closed 15-Jul-2016

Dress Distribution #102 - Project School Starter Distributions - 06/2016

Today I am opening a new project for Dress Distribution #102 - School Starter Distribution schedule for distribution in July 2016. 

Since this collection is for school-aged children, all dress sizes should be between the age of 8 to 10 (Size 8 to 10). If you are donating clothes for boys, sizes of t-shirts and/or pairs of shorts should also be between size 8 to 10.

There will be a maximum number of dresses that can be donated to this distribution due to a limit in the funds that will be used to pay for the cost of distribution.

For individuals, a maximum number of 6 dresses will be allowed.
For groups, a maximum number of 20 dresses will be allowed.

If you want to donate more than what is allowed, a donation of a gold coin ($2.00) per dress is needed to help pay for the cost of distributions as the parcel becomes more heavy.

Make sure that the dress guidelines are met and no flimsy materials are used. If you are using ribbons, do not use ribbons that are meant for gift-wrapping. I do not do repairs so please make sure you follow the guidelines.

Cut-off date for donations is Friday, 15th of July 2016.

If you are donating, please send an email to for postal address. 

Thank you.



Today I officially open my latest special project called "Brimming with Love Australia". This project will be providing fabric hats to the Liverpool Cancer Therapy wellness centre to share with patients undergoing chemo treatments. 

I finally received an acknowledgement of my request to use the Milly's Tie Hat pattern today for my next special project from Brimming with Love(Laura Griffin). This is how the hat would look like and made of 100% quilting cotton. 
This is the pdf file of the pattern which you can download. Just click on the link below -

If you have problems downloading the file, send me a message at 

Also, if you are donating and when you are ready to send yourdonation(s), please send me an email at so I can provide you with a postal address as to where to send your donations. 

For the first delivery, the cut-off date or deadline of donations will be  at the end of April or Sat, 30th of April, 2016 so make sure you have posted your parcel before this due date. 

Please make sure they are of topnotch quality so the recipient will be very happy to receive and wear with dignity. They have to be made of 100% cotton and nothing else. I would like anyone who is donating to make them filled with love, hope and compassion and not just make them for the sake of donating and telling people that they donated one. Thank you. 

NotePattern is to be used only for this purpose and project. Not to be used for commercial purposes. Thank you.



I am not collecting dresses at this time due to financial issues. This is a self-funded charity work so unless I have raised enough money to pay for the cost of sustaining this campaign, I will not be doing any distributions. 



The Collection for Easter Distribution is now officially closed. Thank you to everyone who made dresses and donated. Much appreciated.



To those who are intending to donate dresses between the sizes of 8 to 10 only for the Easter distribution, please make sure you send me a message including number of dresses to donate at There will be no pickups at the postbox so make sure you follow instructions and guidelines on how to make and donate dresses are taken into consideration. 



Collecting Dresses for Easter Distribution -

To anyone interested to donate dresses for Easter Distribution. I am collecting 85 dresses between the sizes of 8 to 10 only for Easter distribution. If you would like to donate, please send a message including number of dresses to donate and contact details to

All dresses need to be posted on or before the 15th of February as the parcel needs to be sent by the end of February month. Please note that sending parcels via Australia Post now takes a minimum of one week for regular delivery so will appreciate if you consider the timing of your parcels. For this particular distribution, postal address will be different so I do not have to go to the postoffice to pick up your parcels so make sure you include your contact details. There will be no pickups from the postal box so make sure you follow the instructions on how to donate dresses. Thank you.

Now would also be a great time to sponsor a dress for anyone who wants to make a difference at Easter but do not sew or do not have the time to sew. To sponsor a dress, all you have to do is click on the link below - Dress Sponsorship will help pay for the cost of sending the 100 dresses for Easter distribution. Thank you.



No active projects as I am currently on a break from distributions and not accepting dress donations. I am focusing my time on getting well and finding ways to raise funds to support this campaign for the year 2016. I have no sponsors and the only way for me to sustain this campaign is to find ways to raise funds. With no funds I cannot accept donations as I cannot afford to pay the cost of distributing dresses on my own. (Please read "New rules for dress donations effective 01-Jan-2015")

Thank you for your understanding. 



Effective immediately I am restarting my Dress Sponsorship Program for Project Medical Aid. This will be the first project I am initiating and a very bold one for the year 2016. Proceeds from the sponsorship of any dresses sewn from any of the fabrics below will be donated to Project Medical Aid. I am wishing myself all the luck in the world and I hope I will be able to help a few kids in need of medical help with the money I will be able to raise from my sewing.
Dress Sponsorship program is great for those who do now sew or has no time to sew but wants to share their blessings especially to kids who are sick. To sponsor a dress, click on the image above or click on the link below. Thank you.


There is no active project at this time.

The deadline last 23-Nov-2015 closes the acceptance of any dress donations for the year 2015. Due to an unforeseen medical emergency, I will not be accepting any dress donations so please do not send any more dresses and/or parcels until further advised. I will try my best to make sure all dresses are distributed as planned and all pictures from the distributions that will be available will be posted here. My heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported this campaign during the year 2015. It is very much appreciated. Thank you.


  1. Hi, please tell me what sort of school supplies are you after? Is it just stationery or are you after bags and pencil cases as well?

    1. Hello, Thank you for your email. Am hoping for stationeries, fabric school bags, pens, pencils, pencil cases, crayons, exercise books. Thank you.