How to Submit Dresses

I have established the following procedures in sending dresses and/or pillowcase or fabric donations so it would be easy for me to know and individually acknowledge who made the submissions and what those submissions are.

1. All dresses, fabrics or pillowcase donations are to be posted to the address below :

        Postal address will be advised whenever distributions are made.              

2. When sending dresses/donations in kind (i.e. fabric, pillowcases) please include in your parcel the following details or fill up the form provided below :
                      Location (postal address) 
                      Email Address
                      Number of dresses being sent :      
                      If sending pillowcases, enter number of pillowcases :
                      Names, locations and email addresses of the donors.
If possible, please provide us with pictures of the individuals and/or group of individuals who were responsible for making the dresses or are sending donations. I would love to receive these items and post on this site. Names and email addresses are very important so I can thank everyone and individually acknowledge their contribution. 

No tax receipts are issued for any dress donations made. Thank you.