Tuesday, 9 October 2012

FY12 Dress Distribution #15 - For the children of Masaka Uganda Parcel II

#15 is for Uganda this time. This is actually the first or 1 of 3 boxes that I am sending to Uganda in 3 different areas. This box is going to Home Sweet Orphanage c/o Robert Luwalira. This is his second parcel. He has received the first parcel but I think he is holding on to it because he is waiting for a camera. I told him I don't mind not getting pictures as long as he has received the parcel but he wants to take pictures so we might see pictures hopefully soon.
Here is the parcel which contains 58 dresses and 24 pairs of shorts -
here are the 58 dresses and 24 pairs of shorts -
and here are the donors who contributed to the 58 dresses and 24 pairs of shorts -
1. Pam of Threading My Way
2. The Sewing Library Facebook group
3. Katherine Nott (Fabrics by Amanda Regan, Amanda Sampson, Chicken Ink Creative, 
                    The Fabric Bug
4. Katherine Nott
5. Sandra Price and her mum
6. Sarah Petrie
7. Yvonne Edmonds
8. Sharyn Paull
9. Deborah Steed
10. Ladies of Kapunda South Australia (Sewing Bee #4)
11. Doris Beaty
12. Valda Ridley(Sewing Bee #4)
13. Gaylene Hermann
14. Sandra Hart
15. Karen Interlandi
16. Deborah Parish
17. Loris Pullen
18. Jane Kelly, Marieka Ashmore and Liz Skinner of Coffs Harbour
19. Chris Redden and Liz D'Giacomo (Sewing Bee #4)
20. Monika Osvald
21. Sharyn Paull's mum Betty
22. Betty Barrett
23. Christie of Joyfoolery

To see larger images of the full donation, please click here. Links to this article and feedbacks will also be made available in the 'Dress Distribution' page which you can find at the top of this page and every other page.

Again, to all the ladies who made this collection and distribution possible, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Another 82 disadvantaged girls and boys will be made very happy very soon through your kindness and generosity. Thank you all for your full support of this campaign. It is very much appreciated. Thank you.

Watch out for the details of the next two Uganda parcels(Mbale and Kampala). Check out if your dresses made it in the collection.

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