Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Just thinking out loud...can you spare by sponsoring a dress?

feeling playful
 Am being playful and thinking out loud this morning. It has been in the news for a few days that Australians will be spending at least $3Billion shopping for gifts for families and friends this Christmas. I wonder if at least $240.00 of the $3Billion will be spared by at least 24 good-hearted and generous Australians (24 for 24 days before Christmas) and share their Christmas blessings, too with the disadvantaged people in this world by sponsoring a dress or making a purchase of some unique handmade gift items to make this world a happy place this Christmas. I just did a mental calculation and $240.00 is 0.00000008 of the staggering amount of $3B. Not that much. 

If you are with me in my idea this morning - you have a few choices -
1) To sponsor a dress - please click on the link below -

2) To make a purchase of some handmade Christmas stockings,please click on the image below -
3) Or if you can manage to accept my handmade Christmas cards, please click on the image below -
4) Or if you feel like cuddling someone everytime you want this world to become a better place for everyone, check out my handmade kitties -
Thank you and have a very merry Christmas!

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