Friday, 12 August 2016

Dress Distribution #105 - Sponsored Dresses and Quilts for Pakistan

Two nights ago I had a chat with a schoolteacher from Pakistan who requested if I could send some dresses for her to distribute to needy children in her area. Since I havent had any distributions yet made to her country and have no time to start a collection as I am going away this weekend (and wont be back till end of August) I decided to sponsor these 10 dresses and send to her before I leave for overseas on Saturday. 
Here are the ten dresses I sent today which included four t-shirts from my t-shirt collection to be worn under the dresses to cover the girls' shoulders -
Also I have decided to include two quilts donated two years ago from individual donors I can no longer identify for her to give to two kids who needs blankets. 
And below is a copy of the postage docket -
Proceeds from my sponsorship of these ten dresses will be added to Project: Food makes a difference #1. This will be my way of celebrating my birthmonth next month by making a difference to the lives of 12 kids in Pakistan.Thank you to Lubna Ghani for making this special event possible.

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