Saturday 9 December 2017

Peru parcel has arrived!

A bit surprise considering it is Christmas time and normally parcels get delayed but the parcel has arrived in Peru. My friend Julia Griselda Chuquitaype Quintana was so excited about its arrival that she sent me a message in Spanish. This is the picture of the 2 parcels she has received and her message in Spanish -
The spanish message from Julia reads -

"Gigi, llegaron!!! Este domingo lo envio a la Selva peruana. Gracias por tu apoyo. Dios te bendiga muchisimo!"

which reads below when translated in English -

"Gigi, they arrived! This Sunday I send it to the Peruvian jungle. Thank you for your support, God bless you very much!"

Lucky me I understand a little bit of Spanish. And it is the Peruvian jungle that caught my attention. The last time I gave her dresses to give to the kids in the jungle was in 2014 (bout 3 years ago) when a few members of our family and I visited Peru for the Inca Trek. I met her for a few hours the day before we left for Cusco. It would be nice if she and her team can provide me with pictures but if not it is still ok. At least I know the parcel has arrived and I know where it is going locally. 

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