Thursday, 13 September 2018

One yucca at a dress for a disadvantaged kid at a time

I did a cleanup of my backyard and I still have a few more yucca cuttings to sell as mentioned in my previous posting. Cut your own yucca or as many yuccas as you want  for $6.00 per cut. The popular choice of gardeners and landscape designers!   There are about 10-15 yuccas that you can cut.
This plant is mature and established. They can take sometime to grow into as big as what you are getting! 
The plant you see in the photos is the actual plant. They make a bold statement in any garden and look good as a features in gardens, courtyards, landscapes. They also look beautiful in pots. It brings an architectural look to any garden beds, especially with modern designs. 
These plants are easy to establish and maintain. While they prefer full sun and sandy soil, they can grow practically anywhere, including shady spots, rockery, coastal gardens, and pots. These  beautiful plants can cost $40++ each for a size like these in nurseries and garden stores! 
If you want an instant garden, this is for you.  This is a hardy and mature plant, it will not die. It is ready for planting! Once it is planted, it will grow roots again. I have propagated my plants this way and they all survived!  There is no postage for delivery of these plants as you are going to cut them and so is a pickup only at Casula (near Liverpool). To make a purchase, click on any of the images above or click on the link below as I have also posted them for sale on ebay -
Proceeds from the sale of these yuccas will be used to help pay for the cost of distributing dresses to disadvantaged children in the world, a self-funded charity work I started in 2011. Your purchase of any of these yucca plants will help make a difference to a life of a disadvantaged child. One yucca at a dress at a disadvantaged child at a time. Thank you.

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