Sunday, 13 December 2020

Plans for 2021

 The year 2020 was hardly a year for distributions for Dress A Girl Australia. In fact, the only distribution I made were  the 26 Christmas shoeboxes I donated to Samaritan's Purse last week. And that was only for 26 handmade dresses, 26 undies, 26 handmade totes, 26 pairs of socks, 26 bundles of school supplies and toothbrushes which I saved and collected from travel pack giveaways from my travelling. I could not believe I could come up with 26 toothbrushes and I still have about 6 left in a box in my garage and a few combs. 😀.  Except for the travel I did in February early this year which unfortunately I could not bring any dresses with me as I only stayed there for 5 days to attend a high school reunion and came back just in time when the pandemic started and not going out at all unless it was really necessary, I did keep myself busy behind the scenes. Here are some of the things I did the past 8 months - making handmade projects, sewing dresses and t-shirts for sponsorships . I did not forget my gardening of course. 

I found out that the Optus donate your data program is still active so ended up donating a few gigs of unused Optus data to help power the potential of young Australians in need. They are already paid for and at least going to a good cause. I had a very small balance of unused frequent flyer points from a couple of overseas  airlines which I thought I will not be able to use in the immediate future and will be hard to earn more if there won't be that much travelling to be made I decided to donate to the airline programs'  "Unicef for every child'' program. 

All the things I handmade are in preparation for next year's plan to resume my dress distributions (with no travelling of course!). All for sponsorships and to sell for a few items to help fund and sustain Dress A Girl Australia's distribution projects for next year 2021. All these items will be posted in my website for everyone to check out and if there is anyone who would like to make a purchase or sponsor please do so. It will be a great help financially. And if you have a time to spare, please help spread the word around by sending them a link to this page and keep safe and healthy always. Thank you.

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