Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Christmas Shoeboxes

 Wow, its been almost 11 days since my last blog. I can't believe I have been so slack in blogging about Dress A Girl Australia's activities. It has been a very busy 11 days especially that the season of Christmas has finally arrived and here to stay for the next 4 weeks.

First Christmas activity for Dress A Girl Australia was the Christmas shoebox. I donated two shoeboxes for a boy and a girl in the 5-9 age category. Of course included in the shoebox was a pillowcase dress for a girl and a pair of shorts for a boy made by me.

Each box also contained school supplies (6 pencils each, erasers and a sharpener), box of crayons, car toys for the boy, scrunchies and a handmade bracelet for the girl, playdoughs, mini pillows, teddy bear pouch with a mini photoframe inside the little pouch, pair of socks, water bottle, mini coloring book which I created and printed, a toothbrush and toothpaste and a handmade card.

The handmade card is actually a picture card which I thought about and started to make about 5 years ago and for every picture card that I sold I donated a dollar to the Breast Cancer Foundation. When I went back to work after taking a break for more than a year, I only made them when someone ordered in packs. I fitted pictures and/or images inside window cutouts like the heart cutout on this card. If I could not find a fitting image on fabric, I would print the images on my old inkjet printer using 100% cotton fabrics. To produce a raised effect of the images inside window cutouts, I used thin wadding. 
Anyway, I have posted my Christmas shoeboxes and two days ago I received an acknowledgement email from Samaritans's Purse Australia and New Zealand.

Hopefully soon, I will get another email advising me which country in South East Asia and South Pacific the shoeboxes will be opened and whoever is going to receive the shoeboxes, I hope they will like what they see inside the box.

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