Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Dresses from donated fabrics FY12 #4 - Becs Bags

Next on the list in Katherine's parcel #3 are pairs of shorts from Becs Bags. Next month to celebrate Dress A Girl Australia's one year anniversary of sewing and collecting pillowcase dresses for the less fortunate girls around the world, an official announcement will be made regarding a new campaign for the boys. Just like the girls they also deserve to own new pairs of shorts.

Becs Bags' pair of shorts will definitely be part of that campaign and the first on the list to be distributed to the less fortunate boys around the world.

To Becs Bags, thank you so much for your fabric donations and to Katherine, thank you for making those fabrics into pairs of shorts. 

Click here to see all donations of Becs Bags.

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