Sunday, 19 February 2012

What an Inspiration to all the young girls out there

‎Today I picked up 3 parcels from the Australia Post which packaged 50 dresses. I am overwhelmed with joy especially to this young lady in the picture. 

Charlotte sewed 2 dresses in one weekend and what an excellent job she did. What an inspiration to all the young girls out there... with her willingness to spare her time to make a dress or 2 for the less fortunate girls (probably of same age as her) and make a difference in this world. It inspires me to keep on working and spreading the word what a wonderful cause Dress A Girl Around the World is.

This picture is going to remind me that I have a task to do in 2012...and that is to spread the word about Dress A Girl Around the World to all the young girls in Australia and perhaps to the rest of the world...that there are children out there who needs our dress at a time.

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