Sunday, 25 October 2015

Batch 3 Donated dresses for the month of October

With the first cut-off date for donating dresses happening last Friday, more dresses were received for Project Philippines - Christmas distribution. These clothes together with the other items received in previous weeks are scheduled for send-off at the end of this month of October.
1) A parcel of 6 dresses and 18 pairs of boys' shorts from Betty Barrett and Betty Paull -
 2) A parcel of 13 dresses from Marion Whiteley -
 3) A parcel of 9 dresses from Gaylene Herrmann
 4) A parcel of 5 dresses from Julie Gowen -
 5) A parcel of 4 dresses, 6 leggings and 9 boys' t-shirts from Monika Osvald
 6) A parcel of 7 boys' t-shirts/shorts set and 7 dresses from Yvonne Henderson -
7) A parcel of 15 dresses and 3 packs of girls' undies from Elaine Klein - 
8) A parcel of 14 dresses and 2 packs of girls' undies from Colleen Mundt - 
Thank you to all the donors for their wonderful donations. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. It is much appreciated.

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