Thursday, 29 October 2015

Dress Distribution #98/1B - 12/2015 - Project Philippines Christmas 2015 Distribution

These 2 parcels are the second batch of dresses(Parcel 1B) for Christmas distribution in the Philippines. A total of 191 dresses, 25 boys' clothes and about 8 packs of girls' undies scheduled for pickup this coming Sunday to start its journey for 216 disadvantaged kids.
These are the parcels -
and these are the contents of the parcels -
made possible by the following donors and sponsors -
1) Gaylene Herrmann
2) Ann Johnson
3) Laura Whitehead
4) Lyn Granger
5) Betty Barett and Betty Paull
6) Marion Whiteley
7) Monika Osvald
8) Julie Gowen
9) Yvonne Henderson
10) Elaine Klein
11) Colleen Mundt
12) Pam Kerry and Anne Pidgeon
13) Year 10 Textile Technology class of Picnic Point High School c-o Teriesa Thompson/Cheryl Wardrop
14) Tranquility Crafts of Moonee Ponds
15) Dress A Girl Australia

For individual and larger images of the dresses, please click here

Thank you  to all the sponsors and donors who made this second Christmas parcel possible for the disadvantaged kids of the Philippines. Your kindness and generosity is much appreciated. Thank you.

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