Saturday, 23 January 2016

Undies for Kijji Mission Kenya

About a month ago (a week before Christmas I think) I sold a brand new quilting craft book (Ladies Day out with the Bonnet Girls) from my on-line shop  to someone from South Korea. In fact the buyer wanted more than one copy but I only had one left so yesterday I decided to use the money to buy the remaining 17 undies I needed for the little girls of the Kijji Mission in Kenya. K-mart still had it for $4.00 per pack of 6. I no longer need anyone to sponsor the one-time sponsorship for undies as I have already bought them and have taken down the dresses from my sponsorship website. The two dresses that I sew for this purpose will now be included in the parcel for Easter Distribution under the buyer's name from South Korea. 
Although I have thank the South Korean buyer for making the book purchase, I still want to show my gratitude on this posting and say 'thank you' once again for making the purchase and allowing me to make the undie purchase($12.00). I am now ready to close my parcel for the Kijji Mission Kenya and have Australia Post courier pick it up on Monday for an extra fee then I do not have to lift the parcel and go to the postoffice to send.

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