Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Two dresses in honor of Jane's memory

These 2 pretty dresses are on their way to Dress A Girl Virginia from Dress A Girl Australia in Jane's memory. Two little girls from Belize will be the lucky recipients in honor of Jane who passed away on the 5th of Sept 2011. If you are wondering who Jane is, here is her story :

About eight months ago Jane’s daughter-in-law went to Haiti and came back with stories from an orphanage. After seeing the photos, Jane said she wanted every little girl to have a new dress at least once in her lifetime. She and her mother immediately started making dresses. They sent dresses to Haiti, Dominican Republic, Brazil and Appalachia. Jane has had health issues since she was twenty and was now 55. She became very ill and discovered she had multiple myloma. Jane passed away on Sept 5th. She never knew she was an official member of Dress a Girl. Before she passed away she told her mother that she wanted her to continue with Dress a Girl and was excited to find that the dresses were personally given to each girl and that we are a Christian organization. Her mother’s heart is broken but she wants to continue making dresses in Jane’s memory.
If you want to be like Dress A Girl Australia and want to make dresses for little girls around the world who deserves to own at least one dress in her lifetime, please send an email to You will not regret it.

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