Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Donation Acknowledgement FY2012 #143 - Donated items for sale

MBCCD #23 Since these items when sold will allow Dress A Girl Australia to send more dresses to the less fortunate locations around the world, I have included these items on the list of donations to acknowledge. Donation #143/#23 are tealight holders and will be added in the shop for sale. 

First on the list are screenprinted tealight glass holder covers donated by heyboom shop. These covers have been manually screenprinted (not machine) and done on burlap. I personally saw her cut these star templates by hand before doing the screen print. These tealight glass holder covers will be sold at $4.00 each including the glass plus postage of $6.60. Each tealight glass cover sold will pay for at least one dress to any location overseas. That is one dress for one girl and one big smile. 
Tealight Glass holder covers donated by heyboom shop
A very big thank you to heyboom shop for your continued support of Dress A Girl (Around the World) Australia.  heyboom has an etsy shop for all the things handmade by her. Check out her handmade activities in her blog here.

After receiving these items two weeks ago, I remembered I still have at least a couple of candleholders somewhere in the house. I used to sell soy candles and with it came tealight holders. I stopped selling soy candles when I decided to go back to full-time work after 2 years of full-time rest and relaxation. These two are the last of the inventory items I still have on hand and once sold they are all gone. Am thinking of reviving selling soy candles such as tealight, votives and jar candles only as a fundraiser and if can find the time to make.

This is a made in india tealight holders set of 3. They can also accommodate votives. This will be sold for $14.95 plus postage of $13.15. (Wow! Australia Post has done it again. Their postage rates have gone up.)
Tealight or Votive holder set of 3 donated by Soft Treasures
This beaded mosaic tealight holder is also made in India and will be sold for $4.95 plus postage of $6.60.
Tealight holder donated by Soft Treasures
Any interested parties can contact me or send an email to

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