Wednesday, 26 December 2012

My Handmades for Christmas Day

I wanted to make these Christmas ornaments in early October (planned in August). I was thinking this would  probably be a bestseller in the Christmas markets but as always, my very good excuse is I didnt have the time. LOL! I bought these ball ornaments from last year's Christmas sale so this Christmas would be the best time to make use of them.  I did manage to make these balls very late Monday afternoon especially that four of the balls were for my nephews and a niece and had to bring them for a scheduled  family 'Noche Buena'. All the time I thought they were made of plastic until I broke one. :-)

The Christmas tree which is made of MDF wood was made by my sister. I was supposed to use this Christmas tree as a prop at Dreamers Markets but I forgot to bring it with me. :-)

I finished making twelve Christmas ball ornaments. Two of the balls were filled with M&M chocolates and another two had a 10-dollar note each. Daring to be different this Christmas, instead of putting the dollar notes inside a plain envelope with their names written on it I thought of the balls as packaging. One ball was filled with about a 6" cut of cotton webbing embellished with the words 'Believe', 'Inspire' and 'Hope'. Another ball had a 6" inch ribbon cut embellished with heart brads and I also put in some mini fabric roses with it. The rest of the balls were filled with normal ribbons rolled around the ball and instead of mini fabric roses I placed pompoms in different colors. I think there were 10 pompons in each ball To make sure that every branch of the tree was filled with an ornament I added in three glass hearts. These glass hearts were meant for a decoupage project which never transpired (again).

After setting down the decorated tree on a coffee table, the ball with the 6" cotton webbing strap embellished with words was my favourite - the cotton webbing strap will make a good fabric bracelet. (hint! hint!)

Thought I would share this with everyone so you would know that I did make something other than dresses and blogging about dresses I have received this Christmas.

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