Saturday, 29 December 2012

Donation Acknowledgement FY2012 #145 - from Frances of ACT

MBCCD #25 Nineteen pairs of shorts and 10 dresses from Frances Cornish with the combined effort of good friend Keryn Thompson is number 145/#25 on the list. Frances did all the sewing for the shorts but Keryn did all the fabric cutting for both the shorts and the dresses since she didnt have access to a sewing machine. Keryn then house-sat for Frances when she went for a holiday overseas and this gave Keryn a chance to use Frances' sewing machine and sewed most of the dresses. Another great example of teamwork and craftivism. They both love to work for a good cause and at the same time make use of a loved skill of sewing. Always love to hear the word craftivism.

Here are the nineteen pairs of shorts and 10 dresses -
To Frances and Keryn, what a combination and loved the sharing you did making the dresses and pairs of shorts to share with the less fortunate children. Living, loving and sharing. That's what makes our world so wonderful to live in. Thank you so much.

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