Saturday, 26 January 2013

A little Kitty for the TSL Dolly Drive 2013

Today was supposed to be my schedule to sew a dress for the Heart for Girls competition of Dress A Girl Washington but it seems like I have a change of heart. This morning I tried to start making one but I just could'nt find that 'it' thing to make it. Early this week I was so eager that is why I scheduled it for this Saturday but I seem to have lost that eagerness and I do not want to force myself to do something which I will not be enjoying. Must be something I read or was it something I ate? Not sure what but am no longer joining the competition. I will still be making the dress in the next few days which I really want to make but have decided to keep it for a special kid I hope to dress in my planned holiday trip to Johannesburg later this year (Sep/Oct timeframe). 

Since it was not the time yet to make the dress for the day, I instead made this litte kitty. It does not seem to look like a kitty to me (LOL!) or I think it looks like a 'Hello Kitty' if you know about those small Sanrio toy kittens made in Japan. I used to buy a lot of these things in my younger days. I will be donating this kitty to the TSL Dolly Drive 2013 in addition to the other 3 weird softies I already committed to donate.
 I hope to make another one of this and perhaps another robot type of softie then I will send the items to the NSW coordinator.

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