Saturday, 5 January 2013

Donation Acknowledgement FY2012 #147 - Pillowcases from F dela Cruz

MBCCD #27These dresses were sewn from pillowcases donated by my good friend Flor dela Cruz who lives in the US. There are about 15 more of these which have already been cut sometime in November of last year. All it needs are bias tapes which I run out of so the whole batch was left forgotten and I found them stack behind a couple of fabric bundles tonight. I will be sewing all of them until they are finished and be counted as part of the December donations and the christmas charity drive. Anyway the cut-off date for these two activities is still about a week away - 15th of Jan 2013. Besides I think my friend would like to see them donated for Christmas.
To my dear and good friend Flor, thank you for the pillowcases. There is more to come. Thank you.

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