Sunday, 17 February 2013

Donation Acknowledgement FY13/02 #12 - Another parcel from Sarah

Number 12 is a parcel of 2 dresses, 9 pairs of shorts and a t-shirt from Sarah Tanmahapran of Victoria. Sarah had a great feeling of pleasure sewing these items. She has a 4-year old daughter who helps her by trying on the dresses she makes for measurements and pattern cutting and gives her feedback on the garments. What a cutie! She knows why her mum is making dresses for the less fortunate children and that is probably why she is very enthusiastic in making a feedback. It is a pleasure for the little girl as well to help her mum knowing where the dresses are going.
Here are the dresses, pairs of shorts and t-shirt that Sarah sent to me this month -
Sarah, thank you so much for the items and give your little girl a hug for me. The garments are attractive. Thank you.

It is always nice to know what the story is behind the dresses you make, why you make them so please write a small note and insert it in the parcel. I love and enjoy reading notes and writing them in the article too. And I keep all those small notes too so please feel free to write. Thank you.

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