Thursday, 14 February 2013

Donation Acknowledgement FY13/02 #9 - From Jenny Jarvis of Victoria

Parcel number 9 is from Jenny Jarvis of Victoria. Included in the parcel were 6 dresses, 6 pre-cut fabrics, 2 bundles of fabrics and bias tapes. This is the first parcel for the February donations.
Here are the dresses -
and here are the 2 bundles of fabrics and white bias tapes too - 
and here are the  6 pre-cut fabrics. 
Thank you so much Jenny. Dont worry too much of the unfinished ones, I will check them later on. Just what I needed to be able to finish the pillowcases into dresses. I can in the meantime borrow the bias tapes while waiting for my order to arrive.

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