Sunday, 10 February 2013

Terrariums of Succulents helping make a difference

The past couple of weeks I have been looking at my frontyard (which unfortunately I have now really neglected) and started thinking what can I get out of my front garden and sell so I can start packing parcels. I saw my succulents and said "perfect" ! And this is what I did.

The jars used to have candles in them. Never throw empty jars as they might be useful in the future. The coloured pots were handmade by my sister who runs WeePots but did not pass her stringent quality control so she gave it to me and now have filled it with cactus soil, growing succulents and small pebbles. The plants have started to grow but I will wait for another week and then start selling them. The only thing with these items is that they are quite heavy so the postage might become a deterrent for people who would like to buy one. By the way I call them Dress A Girl Australia's terrariums. :-) I bought 4 fishbowls from a dollar shop yesterday and I made 4 more this morning not in the picture(as I ran out of soil). 

Thinking out loud even my garden is helping change the world...helping me make a difference! 2013...the year of making a big difference!

** If anyone is interested to purchase just the succulents which would become light to pack, please send an email to I also have small yucca plants in my backyard which I replanted from their 'mother' yucca.

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