Sunday, 9 June 2013

Donation Acknowledgement FY13/05 #67 - Hundreds of dresses from the Ladies of Kapunda Sewing group and dress sponsors

Took me two days to sort the hundreds of dresses I received more than half of which were sponsored by people who supported the Dress A Girl Around the World campaign. Sponsors who believe that every girl in the world should own at least one dress and that it should be a reality and not just imaginary. 

There were 111 dresses and pairs of shorts sponsored which I have splitted into 3 batches. Here they are -
Batch 1 -
Batch 2 -
Batch 3 -
For more information on the sponsorship and check out larger images, please click here.

Here are the rest of the dresses and pairs of shorts donated by the Ladies of Kapunda sewing group -
Thenk you so much to the following people for making this huge collection possible -
1. Delilah Balmer, Margaret Doecke, Sally Giles, Chris Redden, Liz D'Giocomo, Loris Pullen, Sue Schmidt, Margaret Adair, Kathy Pfeifer, Loretta Vodic, Nelda Hossack, Shirley Bell, Lorraine Sandow, Marilyn Pitt, Anne Richardson, Julie Gorski, Trish Sweet, Dianne Cain, Julie Quast, Mary Lauke, Claire Clarke, Helen Blane, Jan Tompkins, Marilyn Barry and Deborah Parish. 
2. Kerry and Leanne of the Kapunda Quilters 
3. Kapunda Quilters
4. Kapunda Country Womens Association
5. Glenda Scira and her mum Dora Eisen for their help in collecting fabric materials
6. Paisley Parish for the t-shirts and making teas and coffees while these dresses were being made by the ladies and to the wonderful husbands Brian Parish, Les Pfeifer, Geoffrey Redden and Robbie Dieckman. Thank you for your moral support to these wonderful ladies.
Last but not the least to everyone who supported the exhibition and the rest of the supporters whose names I may have missed. Thank you for your sponsorship. Thank you for your support. Thank you for making a small dress at a time. Much appreciated.

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