Saturday, 6 September 2014

Donation Acknowledgement FY14/#119 to #122 - Dresses from Rachel, Michelle, Pat and Lou Lu

This is the start of acknowledging dress donations for the month of September. Four parcels of dresses from Rachel, Michelle Cornish, Pat Burton and Lou Lu. A few of the dresses have been allocated to Project Uganda.
1) Donation #119 is a parcel of 14 dresses from Michelle Cornish -
2) Donation #120 is a parcel of 5 dresses from Rachel - (sorry could not find a surname in the return address or inside the parcel) -
3) Donation #121 is a parcel of 3 dresses from Pat Burton -
4) Donation #122 is a parcel of 4 dresses from Lou Lu -
To all the ladies (Rachel, Michelle, Pat and Lou Lu) who made these dresses possible, thank you so much for your kindness and generosity, the time and effort you spent making these dresses are very much appreciated. 

With these donations, the total count for Project Uganda (Destiny Faith Ministries) as of this writing is 118 with more to come once all parcels have been opened.

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