Sunday, 28 June 2015

Feedback Distribution #94 06/2015 - Dresses and School Kits - Philippines

Here is a couple of pictures from the dress and school kit distributions made in the Philippines this month organized by Norie Bordador and her group to about 500 school kids. More pictures will be posted later today.
1) Four out of seven of these dresses are sponsored dresses. Three out of seven of the dresses were made from fabrics donated by Millhouse Collections.
2) World Globe and children's books (included in distribution #94) donated to the Pook Elementary School, Pasig, Metro Manila. I bought this world globe from a school supplies' & stationery shop and had a damaged box that no one would buy it anymore. Imagine what this world globe can do to an elementary school library.
Thank you to Norie and her group for sharing the above pictures.

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