Sunday, 14 June 2015

Update on Remaining Active project collections - First half of 2015

Just a quick update on the remaining active project collections and due dates for the first half of the year 2015 -

1) Distribution #95 - Project Uganda Parcel #1 - End Date - 30-Jun-2015

    Dress sizes between 6 to 12 and rules on quality need to be strictly followed. These           dresses are washed in hard and rugged environment. A maximum of 3 dresses per donor     only for this particular collection. 

2) Distribution #97 - Project Cambodia (Phnom Penh) - End Date - 30-Jun-2015.  

    The dresses on this collection will require sleeves so no pillowcase style of dresses will       be accepted and rules on quality need to be strictly followed. Sizes should be between     8-12 as these will be distributed to school-aged kids. Maximum number of dresses that
    can be donated is 5 dresses only.

All donations need to have a proper name and email address included in the parcel before it can be included in the distribution. This is to avoid inconveniences.

For questions and concerns, please send an email to

** Special Notes to Consider on Quality of Dresses **
1)  If you can see your hand through the fabric material, then that means you are not using the right material to make a dress. The dresses that we make are supposed to make the girl wearing it more decent so please bear this mind when sewing a dress. We should be making dresses that the girls can outgrow and last longer for this could be the only dress they get to own and wear.
2) If you are using ribbons, make sure they are real ribbons and not ribbons being used to wrap gifts or presents. I have no time to sort dresses let alone repair them so any dresses which uses ribbons that I think will not last for more than a day will not be included in any of the distributions.

Thank you.

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