Sunday, 28 June 2015

Two Dresses for 2 lucky girls from a discounted fabric

For almost 4 months now I did not do any personal shopping for Dress A Girl Australia and yesterday I decided to go to Spotlight to buy a hobbyfil for my handmade doll creations and saw this Mickey/Minnie Mouse fabric on sale. 
It is a 100% cotton quilting fabric which normally would cost about $23 but yesterday it was 50% off. I wanted to make sweet message lavender sachets so I thought this was a good fabric to use and decided to buy 1/4 of a metre. At the counter the guy said that it was the last batch of the fabric and there was about 1.97 metres left but I told him that I only wanted 1/4 of a metre. In fact 1/4 of a metre was too much for what I was thinking to do. But the guy was so persistent for me to buy the last of the bundle and he said he was going to give me a special price so I asked him how much would I pay for it since I didnt want to pay for more than $5.00. Then he said if you buy the 1.97 metres left you can have it for $5.95. And I said really. If that is the price you are offering I will buy it. So I bought it and so with the rest of the stuff that I wanted to buy for my new creations. And now I have 1.5 metres of the mickey/minnie mouse 100% cotton quilting fabric that I can use to make 2 size 6 or 7 dresses to dress two disadvantaged girls anywhere in the world and thanks to the persistent guy in the counter.

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