Tuesday, 11 December 2018

[2019 Fundraising Drive Sale] - More Handmade Dolls Galore for Sale

Some days, weeks and months I am not so lucky in selling my Dress Sponsorship Program to raise money for Dress A Girl Activities so I try to find other ways of raising funds in order to sustain the campaign. Here are more handmade dolls including Aunt Lindy's stuffable fabric paper dolls. To check them out, just click on any of the images below. All these dolls were handmade by me with the idea for the little girl who gets to own it to love, cuddle and feel and show the world how to make this world a happy and better place to live in. These dolls are great for small kids to enjoy when travelling, in a church or in a shopping centre. 
1) Polly goes to work. Measures about 44cms. 
2) Pinkie goes to work. Measures about 37cms.
3) Fabric Paper Doll (Pink Gingham). Measures about36cms.
4) Fabric Paper Doll (Red Chinese Dress). Measures about 36cms.
5) Fabric Paper Doll (Blue Dress), Measures about 36cms.
6) Fabric Paper Doll (Yellow dress with fabric puppy). Measures about 36cms.
7) Travel Dolls in a pouch. Measures about 9cms.
8) Travel Doll - Elisa. Measures about 21cms.
9) Travel Doll - Bindi. Measures about 21cms.
10) "Dammit Doll". Measures about 15cms.
And check out my Teddy Bear Land/Family, Kitty and Koala Land collections. These designs could not be available anywhere else. Proceeds from the sale of any of these dolls will help sustain Dress A Girl Australia's dress distribution activities in the new year 2019. Thank you.

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