Friday, 22 January 2016

Fundraising - Handmade Dolls Galore for Sale

Some days, weeks and months I am not so lucky in selling my Dress Sponsorship Program to raise money for Dress A Girl Activities so I try to find other ways of raising funds in order to sustain the campaign. As probably everyone would be aware by now there are no sponsors to this charity work. Sometimes I get some help from generous donors who donates a few dollars for the dresses they donate but most of the time I just receive dresses being donated. Some would even complain what kind of charity is this where they already donate dresses and still required to give a little to help pay for the postage cost. After years of doing this work I have learned to ignore these people as am not really sure what their purpose is of donating if they whinge. I now put limits to the maximum number of dresses that can be donated and make sure they meet my guidelines. This way I keep on doing what I enjoy doing.

To help raise funds aside from the Dress Sponsorship program I did a lot of handmade dolls last year including Aunt Lindy's stuffable fabric paper dolls which I have now put up for sale. A little amount left after deducting the cost of materials always help. To check them out, just click on the image below -. All these dolls were handmade by me with the idea for the little girl who gets to own it to love, cuddle and feel and show the world how to make this world a happy and better place to live in. These dolls are great for small kids to enjoy when travelling, in a church or in a shopping centre. 
A few of the dolls are not meant for playing but for decorating perhaps right next to your laptop and/or sewing machine like the handmade "once a quilter....always a quilter" doll. This type of doll will make a great gift for someone who loves to sew. More selections will be made available soon. 

And check out my Teddy Bear Land/Family, Kitty and Koala Land collections. These designs could not be available anywhere else. Thank you.

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