Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Dress Distribution #119/Quilt Distribution #4 sent to the Philippines today

After thinking thoroughly about it and anyway it is Christmas I decided to send a Christmas parcel to the Philippines today. The items will be distributed by a group headed by Norie Bordador. This is the parcel that was picked up this morning -
and these were the contents of the parcel - 24 dresses, totes, 2 quilts, stuff toys, colouring pencils, small totes and lunch bags
made possible by the following donors -
1) Dress A Girl Australia for the small totes, lunch bags and colouring pencils
2) Monika Osvald for the stuff toys
3) Quilts donated by Gwenda Doherty and Sylvia Pommerening
4) Dresses by the students of the Year 8 Fashion Class of The Rockhampton Grammar School of Queensland
5) Elaine Klein for the totes

There were no dresses sponsored by anyone this year except the 24 dresses that I personally made and sponsored. With the above distribution, it brings the total of dresses I have distributed for the year 2018 to 97 and a grand total of 9,907 dresses since I started in 2011(about 7 years ago). Am a bit short of my target of 10,000 dresses but I did distribute 1,918 pairs of t-shirts and shorts for the boys which makes up for the shortage.  Final numbers of distributions will be released early next month.

Thank you to all the donors especially for this year 2018. Much appreciated.

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