Thursday, 30 April 2015

Donation Acknowledgement #19/2015 - For Projects Vietnam, Uganda and Philippines

This is the fourth batch of dresses collected for projects Vietnam, Uganda and two projects for the Philippines.
1) From Elaine Klein -
 2) From Frances Cornish -
 3) From Rosina Perrin
 4) From Lorraine Walter -
 5) From Sarah Tanmahapran -
 6) From Christine Caputo -
 7) From Monika Osvald -
 8) From Beatrys Fitler -
 9) From the Inspired Peel Sewers -
 10) From L Brown - 
All dresses have now been sorted and allocated to the right projects. Thank you to all the ladies who made these dresses possible. Your efforts are much appreciated. Thank you.

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