Thursday, 9 April 2015

Looking for ways to make a difference?

Are you looking for a way to make a difference in this world? Check out my options below -
1) Use the power of a handmade dress for a girl or a set of boys clothes for a boy to make a difference in a life of disadvantaged kid. Check out my Dress Sponsorship program. For the period April to June, proceeds from the sponsorship will be used to purchase additional school supplies to include in a fabric school bag kit for distribution in June. With three active project collections running until the end of May, now will be the best time to sponsor.
To sponsor a dress with sleeves - click on the link below -
To sponsor boys clothes - click on the link below -

To sponsor a pillowcase style of dress for girls aged between 3 to 12 - click on the link below -
To sponsor a school-aged girl with school kit -
Dress Sponsorships are great for those who do not sew or can sew but do not have the time and wants to make a difference in this world...with one small dress at a time!

2) Purchase any items from my handmade shop. Proceeds will help pay for the cost of sustaining this charity drive of dressing the disadvantaged kids around the world. I have two new items just posted - Click on the link below to check them out -

Teddy Bear in a Blanket with a pillow and a teddy bear quotes handmade book -
Mini Bunny in a clear case - big enough to play with but small enough to carry around
Check these items out. They are all fully handmade by me including the teddy bear quotes book. Great treasures to keep.

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