Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Dress Distribution #92 - 04/2015 - Project Vanuatu

This is the final parcel of 50 dresses for Project Vanuatu. This parcel will be sent to Fran Luckey who is coordinating the sending of this parcel along with other stuff to Vanuatu.
Here is the parcel of 50 dresses -
and here are the contents of the parcel -
made possible by the following donors and dress sponsors -
1) Inspired Peel Sewers
2) Beatrice Fittler
3) Lynette Granger
4) Christine Caputo
5) Dawny Bull
6) Lorraine Walter
7) Anna Collett
8) Toni Kirkpatrick
9) Pam Thompson
10) Frances Cornish
11) Monika Osvald
12) Lynne Stupple
13) Maureen O'Brien
14) Rosina Perrin
15) Jayne Hogan
16) Millhouse Collections (sewn by Dress A Girl Australia)
17) Dress A Girl Australia

To see larger and individual images of the contents of the parcel, please click here.

Thank you to all the donors of this distribution and my heartfelt thank you to those who helped raised postage for this parcel. Thank you all for your kindness and generosity. It is much appreciated. 

A wholehearted thank you as well to Fran Luckey for giving us the opportunity to help the disadvantaged kids in Vanuatu and most especially at this time after the country was hit by a cyclone. Thank you so much Fran.

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