Friday, 3 April 2015

Re-sharing - Dress A Girl Australia Well now open for the community of Kalagi Uganda

Re-sharing especially for those donors who sponsored dresses, online shops and ebay customers, family and friends who helped make this mission possible - Dress A Girl Australia well. My heartfelt thanks to everyone.
For individual images of the pictures below, please click on the link below -
The album shows the individual images taken during the opening and handing over of the well to the people of Kalagi Uganda. Pictures courtesy of Hope-4-Kids International.

A dream I thought would not be possible but has happened and the best way to celebrate and share the spirit of Easter.

Posted Saturday, 28-March-2015

The well that I have been fundraising for the community of Kalagi Uganda is now open and has been handed over to the community. Here are some images taken by Hope-4-Kids International during the opening and handing over of the well.
I want to thank all the donors who helped in contributing to the funds raised through dress sponsorships, purchases from my on-line shops and ebay, family, close friends and a few friends from Dress A Girl Australia. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have helped restore hope to a village in Uganda through clean water. Thank you so much.

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