Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Donation Acknowledgement #20/2015 - For Projects Vietnam, Uganda and Philippines

It is time to acknowledge the fifth batch of parcels for Projects Vietnam, Philippines and Uganda. Also on this batch are two sponsored clothes for a girl and a boy. Here are the parcels and their respective donors -
1) 2 dresses from Corinne of Mod Tot allocated to Project Vietnam -
 2) One sponsored dress for a girl and one sponsored boys clothes for a dude by Mary Longford. Both clothes allocated to Project Vietnam - 
 3) 10 t-shirts, a dress, soft toys and several books from Monika Osvald. Dress and soft toys have been allocated to Project Vietnam -
 4) Eight dresses from Patricia Burton. Three dresses have been allocation to Project Uganda and five to Project Philippines -
 5) Eight dresses from Sharyn Paull. Five dresses allocated to Project Philippines and three to Project Uganda -
 6) Six dresses and 50 school bags from the Two Bettys' Betty Barrett and Betty Paull. Five of the dresses are allocated to Project Vietnam and one dress to Project Uganda. The schoolbags will be filled with school supplies and allocated to Project Philippines -
To all the wonderful donors, thank you so much for your donations. It is so much appreciated. Thank you.

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