Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Dress Distribution #94 - Philippines for School Aged Kids (June 2015)

These are the details of the dress distribution #94 for School-Aged kids in the Philippines (c-o Norie Bordador). There are six parcels for this particular distribution, three of them had been sent last week and the remaining three below will be sent this coming weekend.
The contents of the six parcels have been splitted into two. Here are the 118 dresses and 16 boys' t-shirts - 32 dresses of which already includes school kits sponsored by Kaylee Healy, Kirrily Burton and Suzanne Marshall.
made possible by the following donors -
1) Dress Sponsorships by Kaylee Healy, Kirrily Burton and Suzanne Marshall
2) Dawny Bull
3) Beatrys Fittler
4) Diane Ware
5) Elaine Klein
6) Christine Caputo
7) L Brown
8) Patricia Burton
9) Sharyn Paull
10) Fabric donations by Millhouse Collections
11) Caloundra Girl Guides c-o Nicole Parrott
12) Karen Chee
13) Candlelight Team c-o Karen Beck
14) Maddington Sunshine Girl Guides (c-o Mrs C Veen) and Huntingdale Freedom Girl Guides (c-o Nicky Kosonen)
15) Lorraine Walter
16) Pam Thompson
17) Megan Jones
18) Monika Osvald
and these are the school supplies made up of 182 kits and 11 school bag kits. The books and the world globe will be donated to a public school library to be identified when the actual distribution takes place.
made possible by the following donors -
1) Jayne Hogan
2) Two Bettys' Betty Barrett and Betty Paull
3) Maureen O'Brien
4) Pat Burton
5) Jo Holt
6) Monika Osvald
7) Pam of Threading my Way
8) Gaylene Herrmann
9) Sarah Tanmahapran
10) Catherine Jenkins
11) Marvie Ladera
12) Dress A Girl Australia

For larger and individual images of the contents of this distribution, please click here.

Thank you to all the donors of this distribution including those who found it in their hearts to sponsor dresses and my heartfelt thanks to those who helped raised postage for these parcels. Thank you all for your kindness and generosity. It is much appreciated.

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