Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Sewing Mojo is back - 10 dresses today (11-May-2015)

Am no different from anyone. Sometimes I lose my mojo to sew. Havent done any sewing at all for over a month and yesterday it suddenly came back. Taking advantage of the opportunity, I made 10 dresses which will be a big help to my current active projects. Six of these dresses will be allocated to Project Vietnam and the rest (four dresses) will be allocated to Project Philippines. I hope to be able to sew more this week in fact I am being ambitious, I am targetting 50 dresses for this week and today is only the second day of the week so if I dont lose that touch again I think I will make it.
Dresses above were made possible by the fabric donations of Millhouse Collections, t-shirts by Sarah Tanmahapran and Joan Wolf. Thank you.

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