Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Fundraising Drive Sale

It is time to think about Christmas and the distributions to make. This will not be possible if I do not have the funds to pay for the cost of distributions. The $2.00 per dress I am asking from donors is not enough with the rising cost of postage and handling. And not everyone is happy to make a gold coin donation per dress. They just want to make dresses. Unless I am able to raise the funds I need to make a distribution,  I will not be able to start a new dress collection project. So I am having a fundraising drive by selling craft books and Betty Alderman sewing and quilting patterns at prices so low that it is almost being given away. Hope there would be people out there who would like to make a purchase and help make a difference to the lives of disadvantaged kids this coming Christmas.

To check out what Craft Books are available for sale, click here or click on the image below -
To check out what Betty Alderman sewing and quilting designs are available, click here or click on the image below -
If there is anything you like, please make a purchase. More items will be added once I have organized and sorted the items I am selling on sale. Thank you.

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