Thursday, 2 July 2015

Official acknowledgement of Dress A Girl Australia well in Kalagi Uganda

Received this plaque today from Water-4-Kids International officially acknowledging the Dress A Girl well built and sponsored by Dress A Girl Friends from Australia in Kalagi Uganda. 
For a larger and readable version of the image above, click here.
For a larger and readable version of the official letter above, click here.

My heartfelt thanks to all the individual sponsors who found it in their hearts to sponsor dresses which I sew on their behalf including those individuals who donated for their birthdays, christmas presents and I was able to raise the money($5,000) needed to sponsor the cost of building the well. What a difference the water from the well has made to the people/community of Kalagi Uganda. 
Sponsored dresses were distributed as part of the school kits to some of the 500 school children in the Philippines last month(June Distribution #94). Thanks everyone!

For more pictures on the school kits and dress distributions, please click here and for school kits distributions, click here.

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