Friday, 10 July 2015

Made to Match Dresses : Batch 1 - 9-Jul-2015

I sold my first craft book (Fast Fabric Gifts) and two Betty Alderman Designs yesterday to raise money for postage to help pay for the cost of shipping and handling of dresses I plan to distribute for Christmas. Unless I have the money to spend for postage I will not be able to start a new dress collection. There is no point of collecting if I cannot give them away.

As I have mentioned earlier that for every craftbook and/or sewing and quilting pattern I sell for the drive I will match it with a dress, here are the first 3 dresses I made last night.
Thank you for helping me in making a difference to the lives of the disadvantaged. Your support and purchase of items for the fundraising drive is very much appreciated.

To see individual images of the dresses and details of the purchases, please click here.

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