Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Active Project as of today - 23-Sep-2015

Active Project collection as of today is Distribution #98 - Project Philippines for Christmas 2015 distribution. Please take note of the cut-off dates. -
First cut-off date is Friday, 23rd of October. Dresses that make it to this cut-off will be sent by Sunday, 1st of November.

Second and final cut-off date is Friday, 27th of November. Dresses that did not make it on the first cut-off will be included in this batch and will be sent by Friday, 4th of December.

Please make sure you send your parcels before the cut-off dates to make it to the dates.
This will be the last distribution for the year.


  1. Are you accepting shorts for either of these distributions?

    1. Yes Pam, preferably between the sizes of 6 to 10 as I have lots of tshirts on these sizes that I can match with the shorts. Thank you.