Thursday, 10 September 2015

Dress Distribution #88/1B - Project CDO Cabaraban

These are the details of the distribution to be made sometime at the end of this month in CDO Philippines. It is a parcel of 168 dresses (7 of which were sponsored), 10 girls tops/shorts/skirts sets and 22 boys clothes set. That is a total of 200 kids who will be receiving something special by the end of this month.
This is the parcel -
and these are the contents of the parcels -
made possible by the following donors and/or sponsors -
1) Denise Scott
2) Lesley Kroese
3) Ana Carvalho
4) Jac Dow
5) Melanie Chester
6) Mrs D K Mathers
7) Monika Osvald
8) Patchwork Angel
9) Stitchers Cupboard
10) Kay Innes
11) Yvonne Henderson
12) Chelsea Oliver
13) Vintage Fabric Addict
14) Linda de Vos
15) Di Menzel
16) Millhouse Collections
17) Sally Neideck
18) Colleen Mundt
19) Sharyn Cafee
20) Karen Neilsen
21) Lynne Stupple
22) Elaine Klein
23) T-shirts by Megan Jones 
24) Dress A Girl Australia

To see larger and individual images of the contents of the parcel, please click here.

Thank you to all the donors and sponsors who made this distribution possible. Your kindness and generosity is much appreciated. Thank you.

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