Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Dress A Girl Australia Numbers for 2011

It is time to close off the numbers achieved in 2011 and focused on the new year 2012.

To summarize, in 2011, from April to Dec, I was able to collect 459 dresses which included 337 dresses raised from the Christmas Drive, 28 pairs of shorts for the boys, 124 ready-to-sew kits and also received 66 pillowcases.

Of this collection, 122 dresses were distributed to 122 girls around the world 119 of which were mainly in the Philippines who deserved to own at least one dress and 3 pairs of shorts. Pillowcases and bundles of fabrics were donated to Dress A Girl Around the World – Dress A Girl Philippines. 

On hand , I have 275 dresses ready for distribution this first quarter of 2012, 25 pairs of shorts for the boys, 60 pillowcases and 114 ready-to-sew kits.

I also have on-hand bundles of fabrics received during the year especially during the Christmas Drive period which I believe will make between 60-75 dresses more, bias tapes, ribbons, buttons, elastics and laces great for embellishments.

This first quarter of 2012, my focus would be on distributing these great collections as planned. Not included in the 275 on-hand count, 12 dresses and 10 ready-to-sew kits are in the process of distribution. 50 dresses have been sorted, labelled, packed and ready for dispatch for the schoolchildren of the United Future Foundation in Uganda. 

Updates and notifications will be provided on this site once feedback is available from these distributions. 

Woohoo!! What a great year Dress A Girl Australia had. It seems so much has been achieved in such a short period of time.

None of these numbers, these great collections would have been possible without your support and believing on this campaign. My heartfelt thanks to all who made the dresses, to all who contributed in the making of the dresses. To reiterate, every fabric, pillowcase, button, spool of thread, lace, elastic and most especially your time and effort spent on the making of these dresses are very much appreciated. Thank you for joining me on this journey of making a difference in this world in 2011 and I hope the word would be spread around for a better 2012. Thank you.


  1. Hi I just recieved a link from Threading my Way. I love the idea of sewing a dress for a girl. As I only have boys I never had the call to sew dresses so thank you for giving me the opportunity to sew for some girls.
    Just one question is there any particluar style of dress you are after?

    1. Hi, thank you for your comment. A pillowcase dress is preferable but you can sew any dress you want as long as they are not thin fabrics or see-through.
      Thank you.