Sunday, 8 January 2012

A special note inside pockets

Yesterday was a full day. In the morning I went to mail and pick up a couple of parcels from the postoffice and was on my way to purchase printer ink cartridges (which I have run out of) when I realized that I was supposed to enquire from the counter if I still had by any chance a parcel with them but did not have the card left by their delivery people so I went back. I remembered I bought a few items (for myself this time) early Dec and have not received yet but was advised on the email that it has been sent. As usual, needed to prove who I was and it did turn out that they had the parcel since the 19th of Dec and I never got notified. To think that I go to pick up parcels almost every Saturday! What can I least I had my parcel. 

The rest of the day I spent sorting dresses by sizes, attached labels and folded them up. In the beginning I would count everytime I finished putting a Dress A Girl(Hope 4 Women logo) label but every now and then I would lose track of the last number I just did so I decided to stop counting. 

I should have mentioned this in one of my late Dec 2011 acknowledgments when I first found them inside the pockets of 5 dresses I labelled earlier for early distribution as it is very worth mentioning.  Tucked inside the pockets of a total of 18 dresses were folded notes and guess what was printed on each note? Printed was a picture of the students of Bridgetown High School from Western Australia with a message "With Love from Bridgetown High School Western Australia".
Note inside pockets of 18 dresses made by the students of Bridgetown High
School under the guidance of  Victoria Meyer who is a member of 'The Sewing
Library Group.
Such a very thoughtful gesture from these students who are making a difference in this world one dress at a time. Thank you so much for the lovely notes. I am sure whoever receives the dresses you made will treasure those notes. And I also will make sure that whoever is going to distribute those dresses on my behalf will be advised of the notes inside the pockets and to make sure that recipients of those dresses are shown those notes.

I hope what these kids from Bridgetown High did will inspire and motivate other people to make a difference and help children from the less fortunate locations around the world to own at least one dress and that dress is made by you.

For anyone who wants to make a dress for Dress A Girl Around the World - Dress A Girl Sydney & Australia, if you feel like including a note (or a light, small doll or anything light a little girl would treasure) on the dresses that you make, please feel free to do so.

For more information on this Dress A Girl Around the World campaign, please send email to

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