Saturday, 7 January 2012

Sewing Event in Sydney?

I have been looking around for halls or spaces for rent in Sydney and even outside the Sydney area for at least half a day so I can hold a sewing event but the hourly rates are quite expensive more so if you hold the event on a weekend or on a public holiday. Holding sewing events on a weekday is out of the question as I work full-time. To make the renting worthwhile I reckon   an event should have at least a minimum number of 50 attendees to be able to make at least between 100-150 dresses. The other alternative would be to hold sewing marathons or sew-alongs and anyone can join in from home.

Hmmmm....maybe I should come up with a survey first and see if I can get a good feedback on the number of people who would like to join in a sewing event here in Sydney and take it from there. I was thinking of a sewing event sometime in June or at least before 2012 ends and I believe this would require a lot of planning and organizing. 

If there is anyone out there who live in the Sydney area who would be interested to join or help in making dresses for girls around the world for at least 4 hours one Saturday, please send an email to I would love to see you join and have fun making dresses.


  1. Have you tried for a church hall?

  2. Hi Gaylene, happy new year! Yes I did but one didnt want to open on a Saturday afternoon. Am trying about 3 more. Thanks.