Wednesday, 4 January 2012

More fabric bundles for Dress A Girl Australia

Last week my sister and I went to Lincraft to purchase some cotton knits for her crochet project and my t-shirt project. Since I started sewing pillowcase dresses, I have become more daring in my sewing projects. I plan to make myself a t-shirt. :-)

Since the materials were on sale at $5.56 a metre and had a width of 150cms instead of buying only a metre for my tshirt, I ended up buying 3 metres of the blue cotton knit. A metre for my t-shirt(in case I make a mistake at least I have some spare) and 2mts to make into pairs of shorts for Dress A Girl Australia's 'shorts for the boys' campaign which am officially launching in March.

Last Monday, we decided to go to Spotlight to see if they had cotton knits of the same quality we bought at Lincraft but they only had two color choices and didnt really convince us to buy as I think they were more expensive. We were about to leave when I noticed a sign that says a dollar per metre. I had a look at the fabrics and it had a width of 150cms. For $6.00 (yes $6.00 I paid at the counter) I was able to buy a  total of 7.5 metres of the red and black squares and polka dots which I considered shorts-quality kind of fabrics. And I think they will also make good pillowcase dresses.

So here is another haul of fabrics ready to make into pairs of shorts this time for Dress A Girl Australia.

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