Monday, 1 July 2013

Donation Acknowledgement FY13/06 #82 - Parcels just keep on coming from the Ladies of Kapunda S.A.

Number 82 on the list and for the month of June will be quite a long list of acknowledgements with the number of parcels I have received again from the Ladies of Kapunda South Australia. Dresses, pairs of shorts, socks, undies which I decided not to count at this time so I can finish off my June donations but believe me it filled a bag. I have never seen so many undies in my life. I think I have more than enough to pin an undie to every dress that I have received. Thank you so much! And my heartfelt thanks as well to the ladies who sent in quilt blankets.

To start the parcels rolling here are the images of the dresses, pairs of shorts, socks and undies from 4 different parcels and if I have made a mistake in the names, my apologies.
- from Claire Clarke, Leeanne Wollard, Loris Pullen, Helen Blane, Chris Redden and Leeza Jeffrees, Loretta Vadic, Dianne Cain, Shirley Bell and Dianne Sandenso. Undies came from another group of ladies - from Dianne Cain, Kathy Pfeiffer and Jan Tompkins. Undies came from Dianne Cain, Kathy Pfieffer and Jan Tompkins.
Another parcel contained the quilt blankets coming from Gaynor Bottcher(4x), Deborah Parish(2x), Margaret Cheers(1x), Kathy Pfieffer(2x) which brings to a total of 9.
Parcel #4 & 5 were more dresses and also had Khaki pairs of short in bigger sizes (about 10 of them) and long sleeping pants sent by Chris Redden -
In addition to the above, a couple more of parcels were received that contained dresses sponsored by some members of the community who attended the exhibit by the Ladies of Kapunda with the Kapunda Quilters last May 18 and 19 and the remaining dresses from the exhibit without tags.
Here are the sponsored dresses from the following donors  Thomas, Gwenda, Kim, Hank, Lyn, Elaine McGlashan, Kerry, Chelsea and Chloe, Joy, Grandma King, Dave, Ros and a few anonymous donors -
and the remaining dresses without tags -
I am so glad that everyone is enjoying sewing dresses. Thank you to all who sponsored dresses that helped raised postage funds for the Ladies of Kapunda Sewing group and my heartfelt thank you to all the Ladies of Kapunda Sewing Group and the Kapunda Quilters for their unwavering support of this campaign, for their time, effort, generosity and kindness. It is very much appreciated. Thank you.

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